July 11, 2021

Scrambled Eggs—Vegan Style. {Recipe}


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When in a mood for a hearty breakfast, scramble some tofu.

If I am feeling eggy, but gave up eggs years ago, I reach for the tofu for scrambled, or the chickpea flour for an omelet. There are commercial products on the shelves of the grocery stores, but making it sort of from scratch is easy. And it allows for much more creativity and ingredient choices.

One day I may venture into making my own tofu, however, I do not see that happening anytime soon. Laziness? Too much work? We may never know.

Before I list the ingredients and supplies, let’s talk slippery stuff—vegan butter versus oil. Well, if you read the ingredients on the vegan butter, most are oils and lots of scary stuff. There’s a tub full of junk on those shelves. I used to use a smidge of coconut oil, but I do like the Miyokos vegan butter in block form. Hmm, I think its base is coconut oil, but the list is decent, and not the disgusting cra*p out of the store choices.

Another hint on the slippery side, either use softer tofu if you plan to make this often or since I do not, I use my extra firm block and barely tap it with the towel. I use that extra liquid to help me cut down on the oil.  So decide what you want since I will leave that ingredient choice bare.

I’ve been thinking of venturing into writing soft porn to increase my reads; so I have been sneaking in words such as naked and bare. Just so you know.

Ingredients and supplies:

Tofu: use serving size as directed on package.

Spices and other dry: ground turmeric, black pepper, hippie dust (nutritional yeast).

Veggies: any or none. I used cremini mushrooms and orange bell pepper.

Slippery stuff: vegan butter or oil of choice, or risk it bare.

Cheese: optional vegan cheese, the shredded type is easier. I like the Violife.

Bread: totally optional here, I decided on a lightly-toasted sprouted muffin naked.

Sides: once again, optional and open to whatever is in the fridge or cabinet.

Misc: sauté pan, toaster (optional), mixing bowl, spoon holder, fork to mash tofu, chef’s knife, cutting board, towels, pot holder if you desire, spatula, utensils, and plates for serving.

And that loving heart, creative mind, and gratitude, and good attitude. The last one may appear automatically as you prep and cook.

Recipe and more:

1. Wash those hands and clean the counter per the usual—remove the cat from the counter.

2. Mise en place all of the above.

3. I used shrooms and bell pepper, so I did heat the pan and added a smidge of vegan butter before I did the next step.

4. Crumble or break up the tofu by hand into a bowl. You can mash a bit with a fork, or use a small knife to roughly chop up larger pieces if it does not please you to get your hands into the mix.

5. Add turmeric, black pepper, and nutritional yeast and give it all a mix. Add in cheese if using. If it’s as dry as the Arizona desert on a July afternoon, consider a touch of oil or vegan butter. Maybe. You can dump it dry into the pan with the heated vegan butter.

6. Side note: I pushed the veggies to one side and added the tofu mixture to the empty half. Right before it was done I mushed it all together. It was a blended masterpiece of love.

7. This cooks pretty quickly, only a few minutes or so. If you are toasting bread plan to get that going.

8. Plate it up and find a spot to park your bum and prepare to enjoy. Remember to give gratitude to all the veggies, the farmers, drivers, stock people, cashiers, and baggers.

No critters were harmed in this process, yet another small save for the sentient beings and Momma Earth—our tiny blue marble.


For a whole bunch of delicious recipes, scroll through my author page.


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