March 11, 2022

It Always came back to Him: when Two Hearts are meant to Be.


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Breaking up is hard to do.

Saying, or worse, hearing the words can be heart-stopping. Then comes the emotional nightmare of recovering from the breakup. The pain of a broken heart can be life-altering.

It doesn’t matter who ended it, why it ended, or whether it was inevitable or not. It hurts all the same.

And moving on is even harder.

We put days, weeks, months, and even years into moving the hell on. It’s exhausting. But then, one day, we look back and see how far we have come. The monumental breakthroughs we made in our lives. The changes we mastered. The accomplishments we achieved. And we are in the best part of our lives. A new life. A better life.

But what if we find ourselves crossing paths with someone we once loved? Can two hearts find their way back to each other again, even after years apart?

My heart kickstarts into overdrive. There is something still burning inside of me. Something I thought I was able to move past. Oh, sh*t! Here we are again.

My mind starts questioning everything I thought I knew. Why now, after all this time, did he have to walk back into my life? I wonder if it’s fate.

I tried life on my own. I was scared but I did it. I made a beautiful life on my own. It took me years to get there. He was never a thought on my mind. I had moved on.

But I think deep down, I always knew we’d be back to set things straight. Maybe my heart held on. Or maybe my soul knew there was hope.

When I look into his eyes, I can still remember our first kiss.

All the memories replayed in my mind. Each step I took to walk away wasn’t enough because I still stumbled backward. Every road I took ended up back to him.

After all the ups and downs, each time we tried, again and again, to figure it out, we kept coming back to these two hearts. No matter what we have been through, it always came back to him.

When love is  right, it might be possible to find our way back. It had to be right this time, but not mistaking these lingering feelings for  heartache or fear of being alone.

The right love will live on. The best love changes as it goes. And it will always grow. But it will never disappear.

Sometimes, love deserves a second chance.

But how do we know if our love is worth a second chance?

Be On the Same Page

You both have to really want it. This isn’t guessing or assuming that feelings are still there. It’s both of you openly admitting that you want another shot at love.

There is also still chemistry. Not just physically, but you both are undeniably drawn to each other in every way. physically, mentally, spiritually, and the list goes on.

Open and Direct Communication

Communication is key. You have to be able to identify the problems you had and voice them. Talk about how you feel. Say what you need to say. Listen and take mental notes on what your partner is trying to say. Anything is possible when we talk and listen.

Forgiveness for all Past Mistakes

We need to be willing to forgive in order to move forward. Start a new relationship free from past wrongdoings. Begin your love story starting now.

Put the Effort into not Repeating Past Mistakes

If you consistently reconcile without ever directly addressing what broke you up in the first place, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Since the relationship didn’t work out the first time, something has to change to make it work the second time around. Otherwise, the same conflicts will continue to haunt you both. Each partner has to understand and be willing to work on whatever caused the breakup in the first place.

Take it Slow

You are both falling in love all over again. You’ll want to take things slow but make it real. If you used to live together, there is no need to hurry and move back in together. Or rush to combine finances. This shouldn’t be the same relationship; it should be a stronger, greater, more sincere love than the first time around. So take it slow and see where it takes you.

Seek Professional Help

Consider working with a counselor or a therapist who uses specific therapeutic techniques and interventions to support your goals. It’s a great way to work on specific challenges within the relationship. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek help. The beginning of this second chance is the perfect time to proactively work on your relationship.

Sometimes, two hearts will always beat as one. And a second chance is an opportunity to be better and to grow—together.

Not every past love is worth a second chance. But some hearts can and will find their way back to each other.

After all, what else is worth living for if we don’t take a chance on love?

It may be meant to be—forever.


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