Top 10 Elephant Yoga Blogs of the Week.

Via on Aug 14, 2011

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Top 10 Yoga Blogs of the Week
Ben Ralston Prem Center

How your personal views are worthless (and why you should probably re-think everything you think you know) ~ Ben Ralston


tape measure

The nitty-gritty on eating disorders, love & beauty.



Why Am I Doing This Again?: A Review of the Documentary “Ashtanga, NY”. ~ Esther Liberman


Kirtan harmonium

Harmonium, a Poem



Flat Tire: Can Yoga repair a Deflated Heart?



The Bible vs. Playboy: Exploring Intention of Sense Imagery.


Bhagavad Gita Mitchell

Ten (mostly funny) reasons to read the Bhagavad Gita.



Were the poet Rumi and Shams gay lovers? (or was it simply Bhakti love?)



Yoga, anorexia, torture and biceps made of fighter jets.



20 Tips for your First Bikram Yoga Class.


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Top 10 Yoga Blogs of the Week

3 Ways To Practice Yoga: For the Body, the Soul, or Both?!

by Ramesh Bjonnes

saddhu penis

Sex, Emotions, Self & Reality!

by Julian Walker


Can inflexible, old muscleheads be Yoga teachers?

by Tom Grasso

spiritual than you

Spiritual: because sensitive, self-absorbed, pious & overly emotional is a bit of a mouthful.

by Recovering Yogi

John Friend for Ele

John Friend on the economics of teaching Yoga. Part I: “Supply and Demand”

by Jessica Durivage

Sean Mat Collapse

“I got my a** handed to me on a sticky mat.” ~ via Sean Downes

by Chris Courtney


What if you are exactly where you need to be?

by Aminda R. Courtwright


10 Signs you’re ready for Yoga Teacher training.

by Kelli Harrington

Celebrate Life by Katarina Silva

Just Make Art to Experience Yoga!

by Katarina Silva

past yoga present

In Peace with the Past – The ideal of “Kshama” in Yoga.

by Prasad Rangnekar

Two Weeks Ago Top 10 ~ July 30


Time to Shut the Hell Up. You know, Yogically.

by JulieJCPeters

Dali Soft Watch at Moment of First Explosion

There’s No Time for Anything…or is there?

by Jay Winston

path to the light

The Element Earth: Becoming Grounded.

by Yasodhara Ashram


Sometimes You Have to Show Up Crying.

by Lauren Hanna Foster


From Norway With Love (and Roses).

by Ramesh Bjonnes

tongue kiss

How I Lost My Y Card. ~ Dylan Owens



Selfish Service: the Dangers of Doing Good.

by Chelsea Roff (Yoga Modern)


Finding a Loving Yoga Community While Moving All Over the World. ~ Misa Derhy


tantric sex 1

The Secret about Tantra and Sex.

by Ramesh Bjonnes

Cow by JelleS Flicker

Are You Ready For The Mindfulness Revolution? Part Two

by Sophie Legrand

Three Weeks Ago Top 10 ~ July 23

Lululemon Pants

Waylon Really Pissed Me Off…What about you?

by Open Yoga Blogging Community


A Kick In The Butt: When You Don’t Feel Like Practicing

by Claudia Azula Altucher

Selvaganesan, Greg, Susanna, Kirubakaran, Pushpa, Vishali, Harrison, & Vasu-photo by Jagannath Babu

Sweat, Pray, Write.

by Susanna Harwood Rubin

Screen shot 2011-07-20 at 5.36.38 PM

The Dirty Hug.

by David Romanelli

by TruBlueBoy

100 Days Can Change a Person.

by Lauren Hanna Foster


The Rogue Yogis & Buddhists: Yeshe Tsogyal, Princess Of The Wisdom Lake. ~ Sarah E. Truman



Can’t We Just Skip Savasana?

by Jessica Sarkis


Mountain on Main Street. Bearing Witness in Tadasana.

by Yasodhara Ashram


Quintessential Telluride – Oprah, you are not welcome here.

by Jessica Durivage


Are You Ready For The Mindfulness Revolution?

by Sophie Legrand

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