June 3, 2020

We must Choose Love—there is No Other Way.


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Absolutely nothing is wrong with our world. 

It is humanity that is confused. The hate, the violence, the focus on differences, the fear, and the despair is born out of ignorance. The “good” people position themselves as right while judging the wrong (without offering another view with compassion and patience). And the “bad” people? They don’t know any better, and they suffer too.

When we view behaviors lacking love as an opportunity to show love and find a better way to coexist, things will get better. 

I don’t know how we got here, but I firmly believe that humanity is always improving. But improvement cannot exponentially grow if the focus is constantly on the terrible acts—we must think of them as something leading us to evolution. We can evolve under love, or we can evolve under pain. It is time to choose; it has been time to choose for a long time now.

The issue is that these terrible acts have been on repeat for decades; the majority keeps trying to clean the outside of the windows when the dirt is stuck on the inside. The window has stayed obscured, although the sun is trying to shine through. People are still sitting on the inside, wondering what they can do.

The sun has never stopped shining for us, but our lenses are layered with self-guilt, shame, lack, and fear. What we should do is ask ourselves, “How can I be better today? What can I do today to serve someone else?” And then do it. No sign of love is ever too small, and being kind is the easiest, most natural state of human beings.

As soon as we take responsibility for our life, feelings, thoughts, and experiences, the world will start to reflect that back. The lenses will begin to find clarity. Individually, in a personal and quiet way, we need to recognize that.

It is up to the well-intended, the loving, the caring, and the able, to stand up and lead the way toward peace. It will get easier the more we stand together. Not in revolution or in the form of protests— that has also been done already—but slowly, and quietly. 

Everything we do has ripple effects that we cannot measure, but sense right away. When we behave wholeheartedly, the universe responds immediately. We must fix our home. Once we find peace within our home and our immediate worlds, we will start to experience the law of correspondence. 

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” ~ Hermes Trismegistus

We will only be able to see the aforementioned phrase in action under the umbrella of love. The universe is abundant. Let’s help it be abundantly loving by starting with ourselves; there is no other way.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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