September 4, 2021

7 Spiritual Signs our Rainbow Pets send Us.


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Buddy was a yellow Labrador with the softest fur, friendliest disposition, and the most voracious appetite.

He communicated with his eyes, facial expressions, and thick tail. He was the quintessential lab, but in so many other ways, he was just Buddy.

Buddy lived to be 14 years and three months old. His last days weren’t easy for him. To be honest, they weren’t easy for any of us. Despite the emotional difficulty, my husband and I helped Buddy cross over to the other side in the comfort of our home.

To me, it was the last gift I could give him—an end to his suffering.

I’m a Registered Nurse (RN) and psychic medium, and I am quite familiar with death and its process, both physically and spiritually.

As a nurse, I could see the signs in Buddy that his physical body was coming to its end. As a psychic medium, I knew he would transition into an invisible energy that would continue to live despite the death of his body.

Did knowing any of this make his death any easier?


But my spirituality helped me look forward to how he would communicate with me from the other side.

I had expected lots of spirit activity from him, considering how much he liked to stay close to me in life. However, after his death, he was quiet.

I mean, I was a medium who communicated with those who had passed. I was certain I would have picked up on his spirit right away, but where was he? And then I remembered what I had learned from my mediumship instructors and what spirit had taught me in countless readings—he was right here all along.

It was I who couldn’t sense him. It was my grief that was diminishing my senses. With that realization, I knew I just needed time.

Fast forward several months later. I was sitting on my front porch, enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I was thinking about Buddy and decided to speak to him out loud.

With tears welling in my eyes and a small lump in my throat, I said, “Hi, Buddy. I miss seeing you. I know you’re here with me, but I just needed a little time to believe that.”

It was then that Buddy responded by tuning into my claircognizance (a clear knowing). He told me to write these words on this page, so I can share the bond between us and our pets, ensuring that it stays strong no matter which side we’re on—spirit or physical. 

He reminded me that many people understand the grief that comes with losing a beloved pet. Because of this, it is important to remind them that their pets are still there, and how they might communicate with their animals from the other side.

Buddy uses feathers for his signs. I know this because, prior to his passing, I always wanted feathers as a sign from my angels and spirit guides, but they wouldn’t deliver. Soon, I learned that they communicated with me in other ways.

Many times I heard of others seeing feathers as signs from spirit, but they did not intend it for me. That was until Buddy passed. Now that I see them rather consistently, I know they’re from him and that they were always meant to be from him.

He also shared that signs are limitless, and can show up as:

>> Seeing the same type of bird over and over again.

>> The desire to take a walk.

>> Seeing your pet’s favorite toy.

>> Thinking of your pet out of the blue.

>> Hearing their name.

>> Feeling a warm spot on the furniture.

>> Seeing a rainbow.

Buddy knows that the pets with him on the other side feel more alive than ever. They are always with their loved ones who are still in the physical world. However, many of us may not realize this.

Therefore, it’s important to know that our beloved animals still love when we are happy and when we acknowledge that they’re there with us.

When we do these things, we can see how they communicate with us constantly and how that love never disappears.

Rather, it transforms.

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