November 3, 2021

Wake-up Call for Democrats: Stop focusing on Trump.

Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Governor’s race in Virginia, Democrats start worrying about the midterm elections, and Joe Biden is under pressure.

But this is not about Donald Trump.

It’s way too easy to blame everything on the most controversial president of all time. If Democrats really think that campaigning against the MAGA cult is enough to win the upcoming midterm elections, they are doomed to lose the House and the Senate in 2022.

The last thing the United States need right now is a lame duck in office. But if Republicans take the majority in both chambers next year, Joe Biden won’t be able to organize majorities for anything he wants to get done.

Oh wait, he is already not able to do that.

Thanks to Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, Democrats were not able to deliver what they promised to their voters. Many of us were hoping for a minimum wage or new policies on climate change, but none of that is happening.

And maybe that is one of the reasons why Republicans are already hoping for a red wave in 2022.

As an observer of American politics, I am really worried about a Trump comeback—but I am even more worried about all the Trump supporters within the Republican Party who can win elections without his direct support.

Youngkin did not share the stage with Trump, but he was able to use the MAGA narrative to win an election. He riled up parents against Critical Race Theory, rejected vaccination mandates, and opposed Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Maybe it’s time for Democrats to acknowledge that Trump can’t be blamed for everything. Maybe it’s time to get their own sh*t together. Maybe it’s time to get things done.

I understand that there are different perspectives within the Democratic Party. There are so-called leftists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but there are also centrists like Manchin and Sinema. At the same time, Republicans are able to set themselves up for a victory in 2022.

It’s the same problem in almost every country on this planet: progressives are not able to find common grounds, while conservatives oppose everything to keep the status quo. It’s always easier to reject new ideas than convince folks to change their way of living.

Most of us probably agree that there is a lot of room for improvement when looking at domestic politics. But instead of trying to find solutions, folks keep blaming each other. And if that doesn’t work anymore, we blame Trump.

I do not deny that Trump had a huge impact, but it’s not as much about him as most of us would like to think.

Let’s face it. There are millions of Americans who believe in QAnon. There are millions of folks who think that vaccinations and masks don’t work. There are millions of citizens scared of cancel culture. And, most importantly, there are millions of Americans believing what Tucker Carlson and other folks on right-wing media present to them.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Democrats are fighting each other. Maybe it’s time to realize that progressives blocking each other might lead to a Republican majority in 2022—and that won’t lead to a minimum wage or more renewable energy for sure.

It’s not my job to tell Biden, Manchin, and other Democrats what to do, but it’s only fair to warn them. Their strategy is failing, and Republicans are ready to take advantage of their inability to find compromises.

Trump is not the problem; the problem is that he has millions of supporters. The problem is that he planted a seed with his rhetorics. Most of his supporters don’t need his help anymore—and that’s the scary part.

The root of all this is our apathy toward politics.

Most folks are not even able to explain what the infrastructure bill is about, but everyone has an opinion. Most parents in Virginia are not able to explain what Critical Race Theory is about, but they are against it.

It blows my mind how a party is able to convince half of the population by simply opposing uncomfortable truths. COVID-19 is real, racism is a problem, and folks don’t make enough money to put food on the table while the rich get richer.

How on earth is it possible that millions of Americans support politicians who oppose vaccines, police reforms, and minimum wages?

Why are folks who make less than 40,000 dollars a year willing to support a party that believes in trickle-down economics?

I don’t have the final answer to this, but I have to acknowledge that Democrats are doing a pretty bad job right now. It’s not that they are wrong or that it’s Biden’s fault, but it’s time to change the strategy.

There are more than enough reasons why things need to change. Let’s focus on how to make things better instead of pretending that one man ruined democracy for everyone.

Even if Trump doesn’t run in 2024, someone else will represent his agenda.

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You can take Trump out of the Republican Party, but you can’t take the Republican Party from the MAGA supporters anymore. That ship has sailed a long time ago—unfortunately.

It should be easy to convince hard-working Americans that voting Republican is not in their interest—if Democrats are not able to do that, it’s not Trump’s fault.


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