May 5, 2022

Yo Matt! Nobody cares about Under-Educated Males with a Trophy Wife.


Dear Matt Gaetz, nobody likes guys like you—besides guys who are like you.

So, do you think that Millennials would feel less lonely without the right to have a choice? Do you think it would be easier for women to accept your vision of a modern “Handmaid’s Tale” if they were less educated?

In your brain, this might make sense because your views are based on privilege, power, and toxic masculinity.

And your trophy wife probably agrees.

She might talk sh*t about you with her friends but always reminds herself she needs you to pay her bills. She might also sit at home by herself while you are having a night out with your boys.

Does anyone remember that Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking? Not only that, but we are also talking about allegations that he had sexual relationships with minors.

But someone still decided to marry him. Maybe because she got scared of ending up lonely in front of a microwave? Maybe because guys like you groomed her into this perception of life?

But here’s the deal, Florida boy: you might have dated a lot of women in your life. You probably had a lot of meaningless sex with physically attractive women—but none of these women loved you.

It might be hard to accept for frat boys like you, but the ones who are under-loved are the ones who have to pay for love.

You might call it arrangements. You might call it traditional. You might call it the American way.

But at the end of the day, you are a guy who tries to impress other men. These men are your conservative buddies who taught you to be a misogynistic brat. Maybe they even groomed you into this by promising money, power, and women?

Maybe you are the victim in this?

You don’t want to date educated women. You are not interested in a mindful conversation with your partner. You don’t care about the feelings of women, and you want them to shut up.

Any woman who doesn’t play along with your toxic masculinity isn’t worth your time—unless you insult them to get some reach on social media.

Little Matt, I am sorry to tell you, but you are missing out.

Did you ever date a woman who wanted to be with you because of who you are? Did you ever have sex with someone who wanted to have sex with you without any monetary motivation? Did you ever feel supported by a woman who truly cares about you?

I might not be a millionaire or privileged politician, but I feel rich. Richer than any guy who awkwardly dances with some playmates at Mar-el-Lago. Richer than any man who has sex with a different model every day. Richer than any man who bases his self-worth on paying someone to hang out with him.

Dear Matt, you are the poorest man I have ever heard about. You are the textbook example of what’s wrong with Republican men.

And I feel sorry for you.

Your peer group might celebrate your latest misogynistic outburst on Twitter. But behind the façade of your toxic masculinity, there is a little boy who is scared of women.

You should be scared—times are changing.

Most women rather speak up for themselves before dating someone with money and power—and that must be hard to accept for someone who tried to make money and gain political power to avoid loneliness.

Do you know what’s the difference between a trophy wife and the women attacked in your tweet? The lonely lady with a cat knows what love is.

I feel sorry for you Matt—not for the highly-educated woman who doesn’t need a guy like you.

You are the one who is missing out.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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